SOLD: 150 year old Barnboard Harvest Table

150 year old Barnboard Harvest Table

SOLD SOLD SOLD NOVA SCOTIA GOVERNMENT Harvest Barn board Table 63L x 31.5 x 30 H

This is a piece commissioned by a client that is a few coats of tung oil away from DONE!. The legs are Black Walnut …simply stunning. A true MAO original


SOLD: Beetle Wood Bed – A king Platform bed featuring LIVE EDGE blue beetle pine.

Blue Beetle Pine King Platform Bed

A massive King Platform Bed featuring “Live Edge” platform of blue beetle pine.

The headboard features a curved piece of yellow birch and rock maple spindles. Mortise and tenon (170 lbs)
This one SOLD.

The live edge platform feature BLUE BEETLE PINE … Blue Beetle Pine??? … So you ask me “MAO What is Blue Beetle Pine” Surely you jest …

BLUE BEETLE WOOD … one of a kind!
Once beetles get under the bark; they deposit eggs that hatch into larvae, which block water flow and cut off nutrients, killing the tree and leaving behind a fungus, which stains the wood in inky streaks that range from grayish-blue to indigo.
But over the past few years, a group of artisans and craftsmen have appeared, mostly in Colorado, designing everything from high-end furniture to skis to iPad cases out of the blue wood. One investor has plans to build a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains, with a lodge and houses made entirely out of blue, beetle-chewed wood.

And who would have thought.


A true MAO original.

One of a kind Live Edge furniture made on the East Coast