Buying a LIVE EDGE Custom handmade table!

100" L x 58" w ASH
100″ L x 58″ w ASH
Buyoing a LIVE EDGE Custom handmade table!

BUYING CUSTOM: So you want a LIVE EDGE table. How much? Ikea makes a million tables the same. I make one table at a time and each and everyone is unique and one of a kind. So it boils down to design!

Size – L x W x H? or in the SLAB world FBM (board ft)

So in a nutshell here is the process to allow you to create you own custom LIVE EDGE signature table.

1) Pick your slab: So upon visiting the studio we FIND you A SLAB to fit your size or come close. From that we determine size or VOLUME OF WOOD. FBM (board feet) – all wood is sold in board feet or VOLUME of wood. MY slabs are 2″ thick.

Character and figuring: Highly figured wood demand more money due to the rare nature or FIGURED WOOD. i.e.- bird eye maple VS Regular maple. Feather crotch WALNUT VS regular Walnut. Once we pick your slabs I will evaluate the character and figuring. You will be drawn to this wood; we all are thats why figured WOODs and LIVE EDGE character woods are in higher demand and subsequently fetch a higher price.

Is a corvette more than a Chevette? Yes it is why? …

2) Inlays: Are butterflies needed or desired? Stone inlays or epoxy coloured inlays? All affect cost. Intricate inlays require high skill and time.

3) Base: Wood or steel. I offer custom designed wood bases or flat bar steel, hairpins or other. Each and ever base is a different cost and custom made to fit your table and your space.

4) Finish: So many options from natural oil, bar top epoxy, sprayed laquer all different prices.

5) Delivery and setup: Will you require delivery and setup.

Now I can price your table and create the ONLY table in the world … yours! An heirloom piece.

MAO artisan


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