Buying A custom table?

Buying A custom table?

The world of LIVE EDGE is a different retail experience. My work is custom and unique. The product I offer ..imported KILN dried Exotic hardwoods purchased three to four months in advance. The process is really quite unique. Let me educate you on this quirky process.

Step 1: we find you a slab from my exclusive hand picked inventory. Every slab is UNIQUE and one of a kind in character, figuring and species. Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Rock Maple, Ambrosia Maple and more …

Step 2: You pick a base …wood or steel.

Step 3: Inlays: Butterflies or stone inlays? Once we pick your slabs we decide if butterflies are needed. Butterflies are both structural or simply artistic. Some slabs need them …some don’t.

Stone inlays? Any fissures or splits I can inlay stone, sea shells or you own personal items. A custom and cool process I offer.

Step 4: Finish: Then we pic the finish …ranging from a natural Flax seed oil to bar top epoxy.

Step 5: Delivery and set-up. Most LIVE EDGE table are big and heavy. I offer custom install with all my product.

Now I can price you one of a kind table.




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